Private Skies Ltd., the company behind NORDIQUE Private Travel Concierge, was founded in 2014. Private Skies is an authority in air travel and destination design, known for its expansive network and expertise in Nordic luxury. Since the company’s inception, Private Skies has had the pleasure to serve both business and luxury travelers in Finland and across Europe. Global minded yet Scandinavian at heart, we believe in personalized service. Our promise is to make your experience of the NORDIC countries UNIQUE. That is us: NORDIQUE.

Sari Klinga

As chairman of NORDIQUE Sari is responsible of company network and she is passionate in doing everything just right – not just ok. She has industrial background in construction and has university degree in branding especially related to customer expectations, besides of serving international top class travellers she also works as CEO of a well-being software start-up company. With NORDIQUE, her focus is on guiding the company towards being one of the first names to remember when thinking about Nordic region and any type of need of private jets and helicopters.

Our vision is:

To raise Scandinavian luxury travel to a new level by offering the most exclusive experiences and destinations while helping customers to achieve their travel dreams by creating unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Our values are:

Privacy, confidentiality, service, uniqueness, ingenuity and becoming the number one professional provider of ultra-luxury travel in Scandinavia.

“NORDIQUE raises luxury Scandinavian travel into a new level. We stand behind the values and visions of NORDIQUE Luxury Travel Concierge, and we take care that all of our personnel value the same thoughts and soul as we as founders do.”